Game Boy - No. 3: Team Play

written by Kris Caballero (June 26, 2017)

Nintendo Comics System: Game Boy No.3 - Team Play

You know it's serious when the FBI is now on search for Herman—wanted for hi-jacking the 747 to Disney World. As always, Herman continues to get into trouble hiding out at his mother's house, even taking some of her money AND her car to escape getting caught by the feds. I'm not sure if that's a proper method of escape but whatever works, I suppose.

Reluctantly keeping in touch with a beautiful waitress who has shown an interest to him at a diner, Tatanga's henchmen are summoned again controlling Herman himself to go to China, where they land in the middle of nowhere (could be any of the archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean).

Meanwhile, over at the navy base, the Carrier USS Nimitz, the pilots and workers notice a huge black cloud overhead that isn't changing nor moving at all. Ordinance officer, Greg, gets a note while playing Super Mario Land while off duty: get Mario to exit using the middle portal—not actually featured on the game itself. That second portal summons Mario out of the Game Boy and featured in the "real world." Together with Greg, Mario gets him and the rest of the navy to eradicate the new fortress built for Tatanga.

Meanwhile, kissing up to the antics by Pionpi, Herman actually finds his way out to fly back to the United States unharmed. Pretending to get gas, he tries to call that beautiful waitress to follow up on her interest, when he left the piece of paper with her number written on the dashboard of his car! Silly Herman....

You probably guessed what happened to Tatanga's fortress but it couldn't have been so without the help of the USS navy base, along with Mario and his own aircraft, the Sky Pop. However, this was my favorite line on the comic:

"We're all part of the same team! With guys like you to protect the peace, this world is in good hands!"
— Mario
Mario sure knows exactly the right thing to say.

What this comic is saying that there are times you need a helping hand, and you can't always do it by yourself (some can but that's very rare). Thanks to the help from the folks who help protect our country, the United States of America, them and Mario can save the day!

As for Herman, however....

Great third issue, so check it out!

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